About GoldCleats

GoldCleats is an online communication, development, and recruitment platform that connects players all over the world to one another through their personalized accounts. GoldCleats provides players with the opportunity to showcase their talent to teams, scouts, agents, and coaches. On GoldCleats, you can connect and communicate with your teammates, friends, and coaches through the inbox messenger feature. You can also find an agent to represent you or simply showcase your talent to a scout or team looking for new talent. Recruiters such as scouts, agents, coaches and teams will join GoldCleats by fall of 2015.

GoldCleats is currently open for players and GoldCleats Coaches only. This gives each player a chance to work on their profile before recruiters join.

After signing up and logging into your account, a player must click on the profile tab to input and store their personal and technical information. Players can upload and store as many videos as they want. Players are encouraged to showcase their skills through their videos and earn GoldCleats skill cards.

Players can also customize their news in their News section. This allows a user to decide where they want to receive news from and what kind of content they would like to read. This helps our users stay updated with the world and be the first to get the news and inside scope on their favorite players, coaches and teams.

GoldCleats also offers two types of evaluation tests. The Skill Evaluation Test is designed to test a players individual skill. A Match Evaluation Test evaluates a players performance in a game. Both tests require players to upload their own footage with no editing. Once the video is uploaded, a player may choose one of our GoldCleats Coaches to evaluate them. Our coaches will fill out an evaluation form with a final grade. Players may then choose to post their evaluation and their final score on their account dashboard for others to view.

GoldCleats does not guarantee that any player or all players will get recruited, however it allows players to measure their chances of getting viewed by a team, coach, agent or scout by frequently checking their Experience Bar (EXP). The EXP indicator measures the attractiveness of a players account and their chances of appealing to others. Teams, scouts, agents, and coaches will always prefer to look at an account with an EXP indicator that is 50% or over. Players will earn and receive points each time they edit or add information on their account. Additional points are earned every time a player completes an evaluation test or fills in the information required in areas marked with an EXP symbol.

Visit the FAQ center for frequently asked Questions.