Frequently Asked Questions

– Are your tryouts and giveaways real?✅

Challenges are 100% verified from real club academies and all of our products are authentic from StockX or

– Trouble signing in or other bugs? 🐛

Email us at and we will be sure to solve any issues you are having.

– Will I get spammed by players? ⚠️

Our app is designed to allow scout app users to start any communication. The scout user must message first to start a player conversation. Only engage with the players you want to. We have a button to request more videos too!

– How to get verified?

Our app is verifying agents, club scouts, academy directors, youth coaches, and relevant staff or personnel. If you’d like to submit your profile to get verified please DM our Instagram account @goldcleatsscoutapp

– Growing a team or agency roster? 🌱

Our app is here to help! We are running digital tryouts with top clubs. We were the first app to host a 1st division pro team tryout with DC United in April 2020. We can help at any level or play or age.

– How much does it cost? 💰

Our Scout App is $99 a year or $10.99/month.