Frequently Asked Questions

What is GoldCleats?

GoldCleats is an online communication and recruitment platform equipped with tools that allow soccer players to interact with their teammates, teams, scouts, agents and coaches.

What is GoldCleats not?

GoldCleats is not a scout or agent, nor does it represent the rights of any players. GoldCleats does not profit from player transfers or player recruitment.

What is GoldCleats' Objective?

To help overcome the problem of time, cost and opportunity associated with player identification and recruitment. Our objective is to increase the exposure of players while simultaneously decreasing the cost and time incurred by teams when scouting players.

Who are the Players?

Male and female players, whether club affiliated or not, could sign up and avail themselves of the services of GoldCleats. GoldCleats players are as young as 8 years old (with parental supervision and management) or those who are at the collegiate, semi-pro and professional levels.

Registered Players

Registered players are those who are affiliated with a team, agent, coach, or an organization. Using its unique on-line portal, GoldCleats will assist registered players, through their official representatives, by marketing their soccer skills and abilities to worldwide soccer clubs.

Unregistered Players

Unregistered Players include those who are simply looking to improve their skills through GoldCleats' online feedback, evaluation tests, and mentoring sessions in order to increase their chances of obtaining collegiate soccer scholarships or play for a professional team. Some unregistered players will also use the platform with the intent of finding an agent to represent them.

What Can Players do on GoldCleats?

Any player can register for a free account with GoldCleats and upload their technical information, videos, documents and files related to their soccer career, and interact with other players on the site. For an additional fee, players can take one of our evaluation tests with any of our GoldCleats Coaches. These services are conducted by one of our GoldCleats licensed coaches. Players can choose which coach to work with.

Uploading Videos

The GoldCleats platform relies on players uploading visuals and videos to demonstrate their skills. Specific videos are required for the evaluation test. To guarantee effective evaluations, GoldCleats coaches will instruct players on the type of videos to upload.


Client coaches are not to be confused with GoldCleats coaches. Client coaches who sign up on GoldCleats will be able to search for players for recruitment purposes, or simply advertise themselves to find a coaching job with a team, or connect with other coaches, teams, scouts, and agents. If qualified, Client coaches could also apply to become a GoldCleats coach and deliver player evaluation and mentoring services.


Scouts are individuals looking to recruit new players on behalf of the team or organization they represent.


Agents are those who seek to represent new players or market their existing players to others. Agents might also be contacted for recruitment purposes by teams, or by players who are using the GoldCleats platform.


Parents, especially when a minor is involved, can sign up on GoldCleats to demonstrate their child's talent. GoldCleats could offset the exorbitant costs and time spent by parents in trying to find opportunities for their children.

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