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D.C. United Youth Academy Partners with GoldCleats Soccer App to Host First Ever Entirely Digital Tryout

Washington, D.C. - D.C. United’s Youth Academy has partnered with technology start up GoldCleats on a first of its kind “digital tryout” that will be held entirely on GoldCleats’ mobile applications. Leveraging the mobile video upload software and detailed “soccer specific” profiles on the app, DC United’s Academy will be hosting the tryout and searching for new unidentified talent in their local “homegrown” market as well as internationally.

The tryout will be free for all players and will run over the course of the next 3-4 weeks. Players can submit their highlight and skill videos directly to a featured DC United tryout on the GoldCleats Soccer application and get their videos directly in front of the Academy staff.

David Sanford, D.C. United’s Academy Director stated “Using technology, particularly a smart phone application, to increase our reach inthe search for talent is really cutting edge and gives us an opportunity to see more player profiles in an organized manner.This approach is a simple and efficient way to add another layer to our scouting efforts. We host open tryouts a few times a year and adding a mobile-based tryout should give players that couldn’t make our tryout the opportunity to showcase their talent directly to our staff.”

GoldCleats CMO, Kyle Hendrick, stated “ We are really excited to partner with DC United’s Academy to help them expand their search for hidden and uncovered talent. It is no secret there are great players not affiliated with the MLS or DA academies that may have not had the exposure or opportunity to showcase their talent in front of the right scout or academy. We built our mobile app with the player being the main focus of the software since day one of the company.

We want to democratize opportunity and empower players to get discovered. If you have a ball and a smartphone then that is all you need. Rising cost of playing at elite levels and “pay to play” models have hindered talent identification and growth for years in the US and global soccer ecosystems. We hope technology can help fill the gap and working with a world class organization like DC United we hope it is the first of many innovative initiatives to source new talent.”

About DC United Academy- The D.C. United Academy is the highest level of the D.C. United Youth Program for youth players in age groups U-14, U15, U-17 and U-19. These teams participate in the U.S. Soccer Development Academy 10 months out of the year in two separate halves of the season. D.C. UnitedAcademy runs from Augustthrough December, then March throughJune.

About GoldCleatsGlobal Inc.– GoldCleats is a technology start up that is the leading software developer catering to the youth soccer market. Their mobile application, GoldCleats Soccer App, has over 55,000+ player profiles representing over 180 countries. Players can download the application for free and there are also parent accounts for younger aged players. GoldCleats Soccer App has customized editing features for videos, detailed player information, and location specific search for players, among other tools built for players to organize and host their soccer specific content.