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4 years ago

Abu Dhabi, UAE - We've created the football (soccer) network for players to control their own destiny, upload their own content, and make the connections they want with agents, coaches, and teams. We are the online platform for players to have their own football identity and showcase their talent directly to the industry professionals. On you can provide all of your football information, personal information, post videos, pictures, and more.

The Problem:

Everyday we are receiving messages from players asking us how we can help them find a new team, find a new coach, find a new agent or how they can continue to develop their career. We are receiving Microsoft Word documents with CVs, resumes, links to YouTube and Instagram videos to highlight their abilities, and more.


Answer: There was no football (soccer) network until we created

Another Problem:

Everyday we are getting messages from agents, scouts, and coaches looking to identify new talent and built their networks and portfolios. We are receiving links to their website or links to their LinkedIn page about their wants and needs.


Answer: There was no football (soccer) network for them to identify players online.

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